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12 August 2005 @ 09:48 am
Musings on a Friday...  
Do you ever watch a movie and a character reminds you of someone you know? One of my favorite movies does that. Ever seen Tremors? I love that flick. I’m talking the original movie.

Hands down, my favorite scene is when one of the Graboids hears the noise of a bullet cleaner in the rec room of a rather militant couple. The wife, Heather (played by Reba McEntire, btw), gets a frantic call from Earl and Valentine, warning them that the Graboid was on its way and it was attracted to vibration and noise. She can’t hear over the noise of the cleaner and the call cuts off. She and her husband, Burt, are talking about how strange that was, when the Graboid breaks into the room, trying to eat the couple.

Their response? To immediately grab their guns and start firing! When they run out of bullets, you get worried that maybe they’re trapped. Can they escape? Then Burt runs to the back of the room where there are about twenty guns in a display case! He breaks the glass and they start using every gun they can get their hands on to shoot the monster – including a flare gun!!! After they kill the monster, Burt marches up to the carcass and shouts, “Guess you broke into the wrong Goddamn rec room, didn't ya?!”

No matter how many times I’ve seen the movie, I always laugh at that line! :) The character of Burt will always remind me of a friend – one I’ve actually never met. Burt is gridlore in my mind’s eye. :)
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