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12 August 2005 @ 01:22 pm
I got Five!  
Stole this from gridlore

5 things you are wearing
1. Blue & violet dress
2. Blue undies
3. Violet bra
4. Violet "hope" bracelet
5. A Twizzler hanging out of my mouth! :)

5 things you can see
1. C & P baseball
2. Discovery Cove & Monsters, Inc. pictures
3. I Shall Wear Purple poem
4. Schoolhouse Rock CD
5. Blood sugar testing equipment

5 things you are doing right now
1. Listening to the theme of "The Young & the Restless"
2. Eating Twizzlers
3. Trying not to scratch my eczema
4. Regarding my messy desk in disgust
5. Daydreaming during my much interrupted lunch

5 things you ate in the last 24 hours
1. Ham sandwich
2. Frozen pizza
3. Bagel
4. Pop-Tarts
5. Potato chips

5 things you did so far today
1. Checked my LJ for comments
2. Broke a $20 so I could get a metro card
3. Became bitchy and am gradually losing it
4. Bitched about people stealing the company newspaper. Selfish pricks.
5. Searched for some nice tiaras

5 things you can hear right now
1. My fan
2. Christi, my coworker, typing
3. Co-workers talking and laughing in the kitchen
4. Someone arguing with their SO down the hall
5. Me clearing my throat (I always do that – or cough – after I eat)

5 colors you can see
1. Black – lots of stuff: my computer, my testing kit, my purse…
2. Purple – Tiki cup from Juice Zone
3. Red – Hot sauce bottle
4. Blue – Tight bathing suit on the guy bungee jumping off a cliff into the water on my calendar
5. Gray – my elephant

5 thoughts in your head
1. I want to go home.
2. I’m thirsty still.
3. Why do people bug me when they see a "lunch" sign on my door??
4. I might get a second job.
5. I hope I can get some writing in tonight.
Feeling?: grumpygrumpy
Singing?: Riding with Private Malone