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11 August 2005 @ 11:00 pm
Just because I have a goofus sense of humor...  
I was looking at my LJ communities tonight. I belong to childfree and glanced down at the interests of the group. I couldn't stop giggling to save my life.

"nonconformists, norplant, now, planned parenthood, politically incorrect, politics, pro-choice, prochoice, puppies, reproductive rights, republicans, respect"

Pro-choice, prochoice, puppies, reproductive rights?? Ha ha!! I know that's just silly, but I can hear the tough voice saying, "Pro-choice! Prochoice!" and then switching to the fairy-light one to say, "Puppies!" before going back to the tough one again.

I'm tho thilly!! :)
Feeling?: gigglygiggly
Singing?: X Men - Logan & Rogue